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By Hoag Levins March 4, A group of visiting senior citizens gathered around the wooden horn of the year-old music player stepped back, obviously surprised by the power of the sound. Previously sedate, the group’s members became animated. One clapped her hands in unexpected delight. A third’s face stretched into a quiet smile at the operatic beauty of the nostalgic performance. For the next twenty minutes, as they listened to more songs on hand-cranked players, the visitors repeatedly interrupted the exhibit narrator to tell their own stories about how their grandparents and great aunts used these same machines to fill their living rooms with joy and their family members’ heads with memories. Larger photo. You could just feel that this exhibit wanted to sing. Snyder and other Society staffers cleaned and repaired the machines, rummaging through the Historical Society’s storage areas to locate original replacement parts, needles, records and cylinders. And we have boxes and boxes of old records we haven’t even catalogued yet.

RCA Victor Master Serial Number Codes – 1942-1980’s

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Materials are subject to a year time seal measured from date of creation. 1A RCA Victor Radios and Victrolas, undated. M&A , 1A​.

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Subscribe Today at Huge Savings! After more than a century, gramophones, phonographs, and cylinder players are prized as collectibles —and music machines. George F. Paul has never forgotten the delight he felt when he encountered his first antique phonograph.

Identifying Victor Products. Note: To date and get an idea of rarity of a Victor Product, please read this page carefully, and then click the “Product Information” link.

Victor Product Information. To determine the date of manufacture and rarity of your Victrola, simply scroll down the list below and click on the model you are interested in, and look-up the serial number on the resulting listing. Readers are encouraged to review the section Victor Production Identification before reading the dating charts and valuation charts, so that the correct model information is understood.

If you own a Victor product, and would like to contribute to the master database, please click here to access the questionnaire. No names or addresses are necessary, only information relative to your phonograph’s serial number, design features, etc. These dates often , or similar indicate the date that a particular design was originally patented, not when the machine was produced. The License Sticker date will also likely not reflect the accurate production date of your Victor or Victrola machine.

Be sure to carefully read the dataplate and click on the EXACT model type, exactly as shown on the plate. Do not mistake the number “1” for the letter “I”. Some margin of error will no doubt occur in this reference material, and work is ongoing to improve accuracy and detail specifics. For most models, accuracy should be well within one year of the date specified on the individual listings. Japanese-built Victor models with a “J” or a “J1” prefix before the model number made in the ‘s by JVC, or “Japanese Victor Corporation” are not included on this listing, as very little information is available for these products.

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The Victrola: Great-Grandpa’s iPod

By Maribeth Keane — December 18th, Paul Edie talks about collecting antique Victor Victrola phonographs , including inside and outside horn models, the history of the company, and the evolution of the phonograph machines in general. When I was around 10, my grandfather passed away, and my dad brought home his Victrola and stuck it under the stairs in the basement. It was a — my grandfather bought it right before World War I.

Description. This style Victor II dates from around and would have cost about $30 – $32 Victrola XXV School Machine, Circa –

Circa This model Berliner, Style 5, with the optional brass horn became the trademark of first the Berliner Gramophone Company, then the Victor Talking Machine Company and later RCA Victor as a result of a painting of the time by Francis Barraud which was purchased along with the copyright by the Berliner Company. Introduced in This example has the earlier concert soundbox and optional all brass 30 inch horn. This rear mount model with “rigid arm” was introduced in late This rear mount model with the “tapered arm dates from about The extra large horns in subsequent pictures would have cost extra.


Moran, in the early s. Fagan, a United Nations interpreter, and Mr. Moran, a geologist for the oil industry, both collected recordings primarily classical music and shared their dismay over the lack of information available about Victor Red Seal records.

you will find pictures of Columbia, Victor and Edison phonographs dating from before London Wedding at Aeolian Hall by Brent Foster Photography Victrola.

Originally, a phonograph from the Victor Talking Machine Company, Camden, NJ, but it eventually became more of a generic term for any brand of phonograph. The turntables of phonographs of that era were usually powered by wind-up springs. Also, there was no electronic amplification. The grooves of the record caused the phonograph needle to vibrate and it, in turn, caused a metal diaphragm to which it was attached, to vibrate also. The sound from the vibrating metal disk was acoustically coupled to a large megaphone-like horn mounted in the phonograph cabinet.

Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? He actually bought a two-hundred-dollar mahogany Victrola and an assortment of records, bringing both home with him in his car and, assisted eagerly by Bill, carrying them into the front room with an air that said it was a purchase he had been intending to make for a long time. View in context. Local teacher turns novel-in-progress into a podcast. Perhaps in part because it was a familiar tune that I had not heard for many years, and it evoked poignant memories of my childhood, when my father would play his scratchy 78 RPM records on our old Victrola , but surely also because it is a sprightly and uplifting piece with a recurring theme that one must irresistibly sing along to.

A Behavioral Interpretation of Aesthetics. Procida composes deal for recording landmark.

Victor Victrola

The Victor Company and its successors made no Gilbert and Sullivan recordings of any note, except the three sets on so-called long playing discs of the Victor Light Opera Company’s H. None of these have discernible matrix numbers. The Victor releases of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas were imported and repressed from the original Gramophone Company matrices. However, the worldwide importance of the recordings and related activities of the Victor Company impels the writer to present a detailed study of the matrix number systems used by them.

When he became embroiled in litigations over various patent rights, he approached Emile Berliner, and founded the Victor Talking Machine Company on October 3,

The Victor Talking Machine Company was founded by Eldridge R. It was one of the Blog Archive» FIRST VICTROLA SOLD ON THIS DATE IN

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Blair–Chuck relationship

The IX was a very popular “upscale” tabletop Victrola. This model used a inch turntable and two spring motor. The model IX was available in either mahogany or oak finishes, but mahogany was by far the most popular choice. The progressive suffix letters after the serial number indicate minor changes to the design location of speed control, type of tonearm support, etc. The cabinet also went through several minor design changes. Earliest production versions have very closely spaced downward facing slats in the horn opening.

Read chapter 7 – Victor/Victrola from the story Worlds Colliding (Gossip Girl) From “Noe Exit”, in the hot air balloon for their date, Alex turned Hope to him,​.

Before iPods, there were CD players, and before that came records, record players, and the Victrola, the great-grand-daddy of phonograph history. The first phonograph was not a Victrola: it was invented by Thomas Edison in , a byproduct of experimental efforts to play back recorded telegraph messages. Phonographs began to appear in American households in the early s. The older of the two, dating to , is a tabletop cylinder player with an exposed horn, made by the Edison Speaking Phonograph Company.

Turn the crank on the side, and it plays a lively patriotic tune. Sousa marches and Stephen Foster ballads were popular songs played by these instruments.

Encyclopedic Discography of Victor Recordings Project History

In the case of antique phonographs, I politely demur — sadly shaking my head and lamenting that there are scores of different models, and condition is all-important. Plus, there are many, many phony phonographs out there, put together by basement handymen or by Asian factories. What then can someone expect to find when searching for real antique phonographs? Here is sampling of common and rare machines that collectors look for.

(Thankfully I found this out after only playing one record!) I obtained this book and set to work learning what year of record could be played on my Victor Victrola.

Note: To date and get an idea of rarity of a Victor Product, please read this page carefully, and then click the “Product Information” link at the bottom of the page! If you have already read and understand this information, click here to skip this page. Before the age, history and value of a Victor product can be determined, the phonograph must be correctly identified. Fortunately for collectors, the process of identifying a Victor phonograph is not difficult.

The Victor Talking Machine Company did an excellent job of providing model identification, along with a unique serial number for most models, which makes dating their phonographs a relatively easy task in most cases. Every Victor phonograph has a metal dataplate affixed either on or near the motorboard for machines with lids , on the side of the phonograph for most external horn and lidless models , or under the turntable for low-priced and some portable models of the 20’s.

The turntable must be lifted straight up and off the motorboard to view some plates. Every dataplate contains both a model identification stamped on the left and a serial number on the right. Every model has an individual serialization. Most dataplates will appear similar to the pictures below:. The model number is shown first, followed by a serial number. On the leftmost plate above, the model is a “VV-XI” and the serial number is “”.

Some external horns have just a “V” for Victor, and others use “Type” or “Style” to identify the model. Some machines use names rather than numeric model designations.

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