Sister Wives fans think Meri Brown is getting her own TLC spinoff

Over the years, there have been a ton of twists surrounding the Sister Wives series, but this latest development is not one anyone was expecting hopefully. In a promo for the new episode that airs on Sunday, Kody Brown admitted that he’s “struggling with plural marriage. A new episode of Sister Wives premieres on Sunday, Feb. A sneak peek, originally published by Us Weekly , Kody Brown admitted to feeling the strain of conflicts when it comes to his wives. I’m jaded, I guess. Kody has fathered 18 children, with multiple women, in one large family. This has probably attributed to his statement of “not seeing plural marriage in the same light”, that he used to see it in.

‘Sister Wives’ Star Struggling With Plural Marriage

Fans know that all is not well with Meri and husband Kody Brown and she has been as honest as possible about what she is going through at this time. But in between the more dramatic times, she has taken the opportunity to share a tender moment she recently shared with her daughter Mariah. Mariah is a yoga teacher and the two are seen doing some relaxing and fun yoga poses together in the great outdoors.

While Meri has talked a little about her private life she has drawn the line at confirming or denying what state of health or bliss or decay her marriage might be in. Fans have been speculating like mad that she and Kody Brown have encountered an insurmountable roadblack which prevents them from ever moving forward together. Meri and her daughter Mariah both shared pictures of them doing an awesome warrior pose they say was taken in spring of this year.

Kody and the wives establish dating guidelines for the kids. The Brown family from TLC’s “Sister Wives” give their opinions on the best Kody’s first wife Meri tells him she’s going back to college now that their daughter is away at school.

Register – Forgot Password. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the PopCulture. Thompson and Kody both wore kilts while the bride stunned in a long, beaded, satin Alfred Angelo gown. The person reception was held inside the chateau-style restaurant’s greenhouse. It takes away from us having to worry about a lot of details and allows us and our families to just enjoy it. The couple did not have a traditional wedding party, TLC added, but instead chose 10 flower girls for the nuptials to include their youngest guests in the ceremony.

Thompson built the archway beneath which the duo exchanged their vows and Thompson’s mother made hats for all four of Aspyn’s mothers. See more photos of the ceremony here. In another twist on a traditional wedding, the two did not exchange rings, as they’ve reportedly already been wearing them for some time, PEOPLE reports. They also chose to have a hand fasting ceremony, a Celtic tradition in which couples bind their hands together during the wedding to symbolize their connection and devotion for one another.

Sister Wives star Mariah Brown is engaged to girlfriend of two years Audrey Kriss

In wake of the investigation revolving around the family, the Browns decide to get away for a quick vacation to Kody’s parent’s ranch in Wyoming. And we finally learn more about Kody’s family history. Meet the Browns, a seemingly regular family on the outside, but with a twist once you step inside their home. We also learn this extraordinary family is on the verge of another huge change that could The Sister Wives struggle to accept that this will be their last Christmas in Utah.

And with the mounting tension from the investigation leads to a massive change to the family dynamic that awaits

She’s bringing her home to meet the family! As a parent, whenever a kid brings home someone that they’re dating to meet the family, it’s always.

By Dailymail. Women’s March on January 16 of this year, according to People. The new relationship comes nearly two years after an episode of Sister Wives showed Mariah coming out as gay to her family. But what seemed like a joyful moment for the entire family proved to be anything but, with a subsequent episode of the reality show looking at the aftermath of Mariah’s big news and the impact it had on the family.

Specifically, the impact that Mariah’s revelation that she is a lesbian had on her mother Meri, who viewers learned spent most of the days after her daughter’s coming out breaking down in tears and complaining about the things in life that she will never get to have because her daughter is gay. Dog mamas: ‘I had a huge crush on Audrey for a little over a year before we started dating,’ admitted the only daughter of Kody Brown and one of his four wives, Meri Brown.

I always wanted to have a son.

Maddie Brown of ‘Sister Wives’ Reveals Baby Daughter Has a Condition That Affects Bone Formation

Mariah Brown popped the question to girlfriend Audrey Kriss on Jan. The couple has been together for just over two years and first met while attending Westminster College. As for the moment she knew Kriss was the one? There are a lot of things about Audge that I am so in love with and I knew that I wanted to love those things for the rest of my life. She made me a better person and continues to make me a better person. Brown, who is the only daughter of Kody and Meri Brown, said she wanted the engagement to come naturally.

Sister Wives fans know from historical shows that Kody Brown loves Janelle Brown as Also, fans know from the recent season that Janelle Brown is still dating Kody. the family in a first episode, he also called his daughter Mariah “​Honey”.

Fans have watched the kids grow up, move out, and even get married and have babies of their own. Mariah Brown is the third child in the family and first wife Meri’s only daughter. She is also the only Brown child to announce that she is gay. Dad Kody Brown first married Meri in Janelle was the first to have a baby, giving birth to Logan in Christine conceived her eldest daughter Aspyn shortly after joining the family.

After five years of trying, Meri learned she was pregnant with her only daughter Mariah soon after. Mariah Brown was born in In the early seasons of the show, when Brown was a teenager, she was one of the only kids in the family who was open to considering plural marriage. It was only when she went to college that she started to feel differently about the future and what kind of marriage she wanted. In , Meri Brown told her family that she had been having an online affair , but that it was actually a situation where she had been catfished.

She had engaged in a relationship over phone and email with someone she thought was a man, but it turned out everything was a lie.

‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Ends Relationship With Meri Brown the ‘Victim’?

The year-old mother and her husband, Caleb Brush, recently revealed that their baby daughter , Evangalynn Kodi, was born with a rare disorder that causes unfortunate malformations in the arms and legs. The condition is known as fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia, and oligosyndactyly FATCO syndrome, and it causes infants to be born with bone formation issues while in utero.

The cause of this disease is completely unknown, but Maddie feels as though her habits may have induced this condition, citing her soda drinking as a possible cause. There is no known medical correlation between these two things. Before baby Evie was born on August 20 , doctors had their suspicions about the unborn baby. But when the baby was born, it was revealed that she was missing a thumb, a toe, and a fibula calf bone , not to mention she also had two fingers fused together and one bowed tibia.

The Sister Wives have just moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, where they find that the ups and downs of their familys Two Moms, Their Daughter, and A Baby.

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Aspyn Thompson

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In the clip below she eventually blurts out that she’s gay, and then the camera pans to several wide-eyed parents. Sister Wives’ Kody and Meri.

It has been quite a year for Meri. There has been speculation she finally left Kody and life in polygamy. She has been sharing her life on social media with positive quotes and messages that prove Meri is living her best life. The future of Sister Wives remains up in the air. Christine Brown accidentally spilled a filming secret during a Facebook to promote her business of selling, LuLaRoe clothing.

One Redditt thread got the spinoff ball rolling a couple of months ago. Several users were excited about the prospect, even agreeing the past season was set up for Meri to land her own TV gig. There is no question fans are super excited to see Meri branch out on her own. She has become a fan favorite over the years, and people want to watch the next chapter of her life unfold on television. One suggestion even had Meri appearing on some sort of reality dating television show.

Not like The Bachelorette but perhaps a show that followed Meri going on various dates from an app or arranged by friends. Fans are all for Meri having a spinoff on TLC, but they also know Kody would lose his mind if she gets her own show. The family has been plagued with financial troubles for years.

‘Sister Wives’ Engagement! Mariah Brown Proposes To Girlfriend Audrey After 2 Years

As season 10 premieres on January 5, we’re taking a look back at their marriage and how the two have overcome many setbacks together. Their marriage began in when Meri married Kody when she was was just 19 years old. Meri had remained Kody’s only wife for three years until he married Janelle in And while at the time, Meri was Kody’s only legal spouse, from the beginning, their union has faced difficulties. After having their daughter Mariah in , the couple struggled with infertility.

They had apparently kept trying to conceive, but in , Meri revealed on the show that she had suffered a miscarriage in

The polygamist Sister Wives’ Brown family seem accepting and laid 8th 8/9c the Browns deal with Christine’s daughter Mykelti dating her.

Since airing “Sister Wives” in , fans have watched Maddie Brown grow from being a care-free and loving teenager to the dedicated mother of two she is today. This is my home. We knew something was wrong when we went in for a routine anatomy ultrasound at 26 weeks and what should have taken 45 minutes, ended up lasting a nerve-wracking two hours. Although this was better than expected, it was still heartbreaking news.

But when Evie was born, Caleb and I found out our precious little girl was missing more than just one finger. She was missing three fingers, a toe and her fibula. She also had a bowed tibia, a shortened forearm and some fusing in her fingers. That said, we felt not being open would be even worse and make Evie feel ashamed for something that makes her all the more special in our eyes.

She is healthy in every other way aside from the missing bones. As a family, we have decided to be open as we walk through this journey. We want Evie to always feel pride in who she is, and all that God gave her! It’s a rare medical syndrome where bones in extremities do not fully develop. I hope I raise her to think she breathes fire!

The Family Reacts To Mariah Coming Out